Upcoming Modules

Overview of the Old Testament

 Tuesday EVENING November 20th, 7.00pm – 9.45pm and
January 16th 2019, Wednesday, 9.30am – 11.35am

This module is designed to introduce you to the literature of the Old Testament, the history & culture of Israel, methodologies in Old Testament study, and a survey of God’s redemptive programme from Creation to the New Covenant.

The Life and Teaching of Jesus 

January 16th 2019, Wednesday, 9.30am – 11.35am

Given the central place of Jesus for all Christian thought and praxis, this course is designed to help you develop your understanding of the sources, content, and context of Jesus’ life and teaching.


January 16th 2019, Wednesday, 14.55pm – 17.00pm

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus in today’s world? This course will equip you to assess and develop your own framework for discipleship, both discipleship of yourself, and others. Join IBI for this module to learn and reflect biblically on this essential aspect of the Christian message.

Interpreting and Applying the Bible

January 15th 2019, Tuesday, 9.30am – 11.35am

Many of us want to be able to dig deeper into this truth and we want to know we understand it correctly. This module is designed to help us understand how to responsibly read, interpret and apply the Bible, and to give us a desire to see the Bible change us and others.

The Story of the Irish Church 

January 16th 2019, Wednesday, 9.30am – 11.35am

This module explores the rich and varied history of Christianity in Ireland through the ages right up to the 21st Century. It examines some of the key developments in Irish Church History from Patrick and Palladius to the Penal Laws. It delves into the relationship between Irish church history and the general and political history of the Island.It looks at how monasticism,reformation, revolution, and famine impacted the evolution of the Irish church.It explores the impact of Celtic Christianity and mission on the rest of Europe and seeks to find possible lessons that can be learned from the past and applied to the Irish church today.



Audit only €225.00
Audit with Assessment €325.00
For credit towards HE Certificate €475.00

Applications are open for all the above modules plus more. Apply online here


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