Annual Appeal 2018- The Power of the Bible

The Power of the Bible

Nearly 40 years ago my life was completely transformed by an encounter with the Bible.

Someone asked me to read some verses, and I was curious enough to give it a try. I could not have foreseen the results. I can still vividly recall that evening as though it was only yesterday. The only way I can describe the experience is that God spoke to me clearly and unmistakeably through the Scriptures.

The Bible turned my life upside down and became the focal point for the rest of my life. It has provided the foundation and framework for all of my ministry since then. That is why I feel deeply privileged to be involved in IBI.

Our vision at IBI is that students leave passionate about their faith and committed to communicating the Bible responsibly, relevantly, and with integrity. We want our students to empower transformation in others and, under God, to make an impact on our whole nation.

In order to fulfil our vision, we need your help to keep our courses affordable and accessible for students. Our aim for this annual appeal for 2018-19 is to raise €58,000.

We know you value the work and ministry of IBI.

May I ask you to consider giving to this annual appeal.

The Irish government gives us no direct funding; however, they will give us 45% of your donations as a tax rebate! If you give IBI €250 per year,  we are able to claim a tax rebate of €112 at no cost to you if you are a taxpayer. If you can give to us via the tax reclaim scheme, you can ‘make’ the government give to IBI!

If you have any questions about this year’s appeal or any aspect of IBI’s use of your giving, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me (

With best wishes.

Yours in Christ

Steven Singleton


Give a Gift via Debit/Credit Card

If you give more than €250 we will send you a from to claim a rebate from the Irish Government for IBI at no extra cost to you.

Using this option to give to IBI does not qualify for Gift Aid. If you want to make your gift go further please visit here for offline giving and information on Gift Aid.

Gifts given online are Tax Deductions under the 501(c)3 Schemes. USA IRS no is 36-4380290


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