Annual Appeal

Annual Appeal 2017

In the 20 years I have been Principal of IBI, I have never found it easy to ask people to give. However, it helps to know the cause is worthy. That is why I am able to ask you to help IBI keep fees accessible to students who are the present and future of the church in Ireland. Students sacrifice a lot to study at IBI in preparation for ministry. They pay their fees, without government help, and give up 3 years of gainful employment to train for a job in which they will never get rich. I have seen lives transformed and churches built up over my time here at IBI. The link in the leaflet below will give you a flavour of what it has been my privilege to see and be part of.

I have been amazed and encouraged how thankful people are to IBI for providing an opportunity to give to something bigger than themselves and to which they are deeply committed. In response to the announcement of my leaving IBI, I was greatly encouraged by so many who spoke positively about IBI and what it has done and is doing for the church in Ireland. While I am touched by comments relating to my part in that, I remember the words of our Old Testament lecturer reminding his class that God is always the hero of the story. That is indeed the case and the one thing above all else that I will remember from my time with IBI is how often God turned up and did abundantly more than we could have asked or imagined. He is indeed a great God and the hero of the ‘IBI story’.

So, for the last time from me, I am asking that you give to our college fund to help IBI keep fees accessible to as many students as possible. If you can commit to a monthly standing order, which helps us plan better into the future that would be brilliant – if not, please give what you can and we will, under God, use it to honour Him.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in and support for IBI. We simply would not be IBI without you.




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