You will graduate from IBI with a qualification that equips and prepares you for real life and Christian service.

‘Head, heart and hands’ is core to the IBI experience. As part of the Ministry and Personal Development programmes at BA level and Reflective Practice at MA level, students are encouraged to reflect on what they learn and apply  it  to their lives and ministries.

“When I started, IBI was the only college in Ireland offering a degree in “Applied” Theology. It struck exactly the right balance between classes; home study; and ministry. The emphasis on head, heart and hands was refreshing. My studies enabled me to grasp that all of life is sacred, not just the things we call “church” and “worship”. Working part time in the media and part time in the church, the media keeps the ministry relevant and the ministry keeps the media in perspective.”

David Blevins, Sky News Correspondent

“I’m a secondary school teacher, that is my area of ministry, it’s where God has placed me at the moment. My whole view on leadership and the responsibilities and challenges involved in that were definitely questioned. I found that very beneficial and very practical.”

Rhoda Brookes, teacher

“As someone who is involved in leading a youth ministry, I can say that the knowledge that I have gained at IBI has had a direct effect on what I do. I have been able to use and apply some of the knowledge I have gained in this field of ministry.”

Stephen Greer, youth worker

“I have learned the skill of critical thinking which has helped me build a solid foundation of the principles of the Christian faith. This has given me a confidence to share my faith and also a security to be able to engage with people of different beliefs within and outside the Christian faith.”

Irene Byrne, nurse


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