You will have the chance to sit in a classroom with men and women from Christian churches from throughout Ireland and beyond.


IBI is situated at the heart of Dublin city close to the DART station, Connolly Station, the LUAS and Busaras which all combine to make IBI’s location one of the most convenient and accessible in the country.


“What I will miss most is coming up to Dublin to meet with people from all over Ireland. IBI is a one-stop shop for learning what is going on in the church all over Ireland and it’s a tremendous opportunity.”

Dermot O’ Mahony, pastor

“The students that attend IBI come from many different countries and from all across Ireland. The age ranges and church backgrounds is what makes IBI such a great place to be. There is no touting for positions, no favoritism, everyone is there to know Christ more and are encouraged all the way through by their tutors.”

Laurna Nolan, lecturer

“It has been mind expanding for me, and at my age and stage in life, I think that is amazing. I know that as long as I am here I am always going to be learning and that is so exciting for me.”

Maree Kirker, retired


Ulysses House
22-24 Foley Street
Dublin 1
Tel: 353 (0)1 8069060
Email: info@ibi.ie
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