We seek to provide biblical education and training that renews the mind, transforms the heart and equips the hands.

Our desire is that students leave not only with a deeper understanding of the Bible and a firmer theological foundation, but that they leave transformed by God, more deeply in love with him and his church, and better equipped to serve.


What you get can expect in your student experience 

  • How to handle the Bible –the ability to lead Bible studies
  • Overall theological grasp of the Bible and key Christian beliefs
    Practical Pastoral care skills
  • Able to understand the Old Testament and it’s relevance for life and ministry
  • Develop in personal reflection; self-understanding; gifting; working with mentor and in teams
  • Work out their placement in the local church
  • Gospels – understanding the life and teaching of Jesus
  • Communication – how to speak in public; lead groups and preaching
  • Discipleship – Jesus’ teaching – and a strategy for making disciples in the local context
  • Church History – learning from the rich story of God’s work in history; lessons for today; how and where we fit in
  • Skills in how to study; think critically; self-understanding; working with others
    All within a rich community of faith: worship; prayer; diversity

At IBI, you will be taught by teachers passionate about God’s Word in classes where the Scriptures are central.

“Scripture tells us to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds”, it is amazing to spend time really digging deeper in the Word, and letting what we discover clear our misconceptions, affirm the truths we hold and teach us to know the difference. Studying Biblical Interpretation with Craig Blomberg (Distinguished Professor of the New Testament at Denver Seminary) has awakened in me a strong desire to engage, in some measure, in teaching the Word, and a hunger to see others excited about its treasures. ”

Norah Lynch, Christian bookshop worker

“The education I have received so far has given me a clearer understanding of who God is as the Bible depicts. I have learned so much about God’s heart, love and grace during my studies and because of it I am a richer person.”

Andrew Feeney, worship leader

“The courses on offer will deepen and extend your understanding of God’s Word, Christian Doctrine, Church History, as well as many applied fields like Leadership, Evangelistic Strategies, and Church Ministries to all age-groups. We need to offer the Lord our very best in his service, and that means becoming equipped through exactly the kind of educational opportunity IBI offers.”

Bruce Milne, theologian and retired pastor


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