MA module: Evangelicalism; Identity, Theology and Praxis

MA module: Evangelicalism; Identity, Theology and Praxis

Monday 20th August – Friday 24th August 2018.

Classes from 10am – 5pm (approximately) each day.

Tutor: Patrick Mitchel

This module explores the core theological issues of what Christians believe and how they shape personal and ministry practice. It could be called ‘Christian Theology and Practice’ but we have stuck with the word evangelical for a few reasons.

First, because  ‘evangelical’ comes from the Greek euangelion (good news, or gospel). How that gospel is understood will shape all sorts of things – spirituality, mission, preaching, worship, who we work with on the ground etc. So we will be zooming in on some wonderful areas of theology around the good news of Jesus the Messiah: kingdom, cross, resurrection, future hope etc and how they link to applied theology. That will be the heart of the module. There is a lot of things going on in this area that are refreshing, challenging and thought-provoking I hope!.

Second, IBI is an evangelical organisation and most students are linked to that broad community, so it is helpful to develop a deeper understanding of that community, especially in Ireland. It should help us appreciate reasons behind the diversity of that community and how that works out in our own lives and ministry.

Third, for many people, ‘evangelical’ is now a bad word linked to intolerant politics and regressive social attitudes.  We want to get beyond stereotypes and will be doing some Irish context and background to evangelicalism here.


Audit: €375

With assessment: €550 (assignment)

This is a masters level module and applicants will need to be able to engage at this academic level. Required pre-reading will be given some weeks before the course begins.

Module content includes:

  • History of evangelicalism in Ireland, particularly the 19th century ‘Bible war’ and Protestant missions; 20th
    century ‘Catholic Ireland to 21st century post-Catholic, post-Christendom Ireland;
  • Trends and movements in contemporary evangelicalism – the rise of global Pentecostalism, Reformed,
    charismatic and other movements;
  • Critiques of evangelical theology and epistemology
  • Contemporary discussions around evangelical identity – what does it mean to ‘be evangelical’?:
    theological themes can include contested understandings of the evangel (gospel); justification by faith;
    the Holy Spirit; the relationship between the gospel and social action; attitudes to Catholicism.
  • Implications of selected theological issues for evangelical practice – in spirituality, mission, preaching
    and teaching, co-operation and so on;
  • Influences, tensions and trends within contemporary global and Irish evangelicalism;
  • Critical self-reflection on evangelical experience and theology

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