You can study in an institute of academic excellence that is regularly commended for its consistently high standards in education.

“I have had the privilege of delivering a course on IBI’s Master’s programme for a number of years and I do not hesitate to say that this place is truly unique in my experience. I have taught in colleges and seminaries, large and small, in different parts of the world but the Institute stands out from them all.”

Dr David Smith, Senior Research Fellow, International Christian College

“I think the push for excellence in the way the whole college is run is testament to a God who is excellent. It is great to see Christian organisations not settle for mediocrity.”

Simon Kilpatrick, church planter

“The depth and breadth of knowledge you get at IBI is awe-inspiring. If you look at the modules on offer the range of subjects is really, really good and the hands on tutoring is great. I did my degree in a university with 40,000 other students and your lecturer was somebody way down there in a lecture hall that you never saw outside class. It’s a completely different experience at IBI.”

Mary Dillon, funeral arranger

“The Irish Bible Institute plays a key role in training men and women on Irish soil for service in God’s church in Ireland and across the world. As a church we are grateful for its helpful input into students’ lives. I wholeheartedly commend IBI.”

John Samuel, pastor


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