Short Courses

IBI is now offering short courses around the country to make study at IBI more accessible as we seek to serve the church in Ireland effectively.

No short courses planned for the next couple of months but below is an example of a previous short course.


Short Courses

Open bible


The Story of the Bible

This course was run earlier in the year, but gives you an idea of the format of our short courses.

Cost: €10.00 per class or €35.00 if you enrol for all 4 classes together. You can also choose to do an assignment at the end for an additional fee of €15.00 which you can put towards gaining an IBI Foundation award.

One of the most remarkable things about the Bible is that, while it is made up of 66 books written by numerous authors in different language over centuries, it nevertheless takes the form of one great overarching narrative or story. If the main plot-line is the redemptive work of God for all creation, within it are many other sub-plots. The focus of biblical theology is to identify, understand and reflect on the significance of that ‘big story’ and how the sub-plots fit within it.

Over the 4 weeks we will look at;

  1. The ‘big story’ of the Bible
  2. The story of the Eikon (mankind made in the image of God]
  3. The story of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  4. The story of the Spirit of God


Teacher: Patrick Mitchel




Ulysses House
22-24 Foley Street
Dublin 1
Tel: 353 (0)1 8069060

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