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IBI is now offering short courses online, to make study at IBI more accessible as we seek to serve the church in Ireland effectively.


Upcoming Course

This is a taster course of Patrick Mitchel’s module on the Holy Spirit in IBI. Over four weeks we are going to cover different aspects of the Holy Spirit to give you a big picture overview. Week 1 looks at the story of the Spirit within the overarching story of the Bible. Week 2 explores the good news of the Spirit and what he does in the life of a Christian. Week 3 asks questions like “what does it mean to walk as a Christian?”, “what does it mean to grow Spiritually?” and “how is the Spirit involved in that process?”. Finally, week 4 looks at the Spirit and the church and our role of living in the Spirit-formed body of Christ.


Week 1: The Story of the Spirit

Week 2: The Good News of the Spirit

Week 3: Spirit Formed Life

Week 4: Community of the Spirit

Cost: Participation with Assessment €70.00

Participation only €50.00

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Timetable for 2018/19

27 th August – 21 st September: Holy Spirit NEW!
1 st October – 26 th October: Life and Teaching of Jesus Part 1
5 th November – 30 th November: Columbanus NEW!


7 th January – 1 st February: Interpreting and Applying the Bible
11 th February – 8 th March: Life and Teaching of Jesus Part 2
18 th March – 5 th April: St Patrick: the Man and the Myth


29 th April – 24 th May: Christian Caring
3 rd June – 28 th June: Wisdom Literature in the OT NEW!

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Our online courses

Overview of The Old Testament

The story of the Bible: Part 2

Interpreting and Applying the New Testament

The Story of the Bible: Part 1

Interpreting and Applying the Bible

St. Patrick: The Man and the Myth

The Life and Teaching of Jesus: From Galilee to Jerusalem

The Life and Teaching of Jesus: Background and Early Ministry

The Story of the Church

Overview of the Old Testament: Part 1

Interpreting and Applying the Old Testament

Christian Caring

The Story of the Bible: Part 2

The Story of the Bible: Part 1

Interpreting and Applying the New Testament


Use your online study to work towards a Foundation Award

The IBI Foundation Award is presented to students who receive 8 Completion Awards by completing 8 IBI short courses.

These courses can be taken via online courses, informal live courses, summer institutes and day events. Receive a Completion Award by participating throughout your course and passing a short reflective assignment. You can take a module during the day or evening, and selected modules are available via online study. You can also gain an IBI Foundation Award, or even complete the IBI Certificate (a total of 8 certificate level modules) on a modular basis at your own pace.
There is no time limit for this award.
See our short courses page  and our modular courses page for further information.


What others have said about their online study experience

“Thank you IBI for this tremendous opportunity of learning at my own pace and with professional support!”

“Thank you so much for giving me this chance to get a taste of bible study – I didn’t know if I would manage it, as I have never studied anything before in my life – I
really enjoyed it and hope to be back!”

“I have really enjoyed doing the course. It has prompted me to consider more thoroughly the ministry of Jesus in the gospels.”

“God really spoke to me through this course… Now of course I want to learn more and am looking forward to the part 2…. Thank you for all the help and support
from IBI and the teachers who have been involved.”


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