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The Story of the Bible

Monday evenings May 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th.

Venue: The Riasc Centre, Swords

Cost:€10.00 per class or €35.00 if you register for all four.

One of the most remarkable things about the Bible is that, while it is made up of 66 books written by numerous authors in different language over centuries, it nevertheless takes the form of one great overarching narrative or story. If the main plot-line is the redemptive work of God for all creation, within it are many other sub-plots. The focus of biblical theology is to identify, understand and reflect on the significance of that ‘big story’ and how the sub-plots fit within it.

Over the 4 weeks we will look at….(read more)

Summer Institute 2017


Guest Speaker: Dr. Ben Witherington 111

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Professor Ben Witherington of Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky as the speaker at our 2017 Summer Institute.

Professor Witherington is one of the top New Testament evangelical scholars in the world. He has written over 50 books, including commentaries on every NT book, books on Jesus, Paul, the gospels, the NT world, biblical ethics, Christology, biblical archaeology, baptism, the Lord’s Supper and a series on day to day theology (themes of work, worship, money and rest / study / eating / sex). He has also written a very moving book reflecting as a Christian on the sudden death of his daughter Christy. As well as many other book chapters and articles, Prof Witherington is an internationally known speaker who has a passion for connecting the Bible to the life and mission of the church. He regularly appears on TV, radio, numerous Christian video resources and blogs at In his spare time (!) he has also written a series of fiction set in NT times.

We are blessed to be able to have Prof Witherington with us on his first visit to Ireland. Don’t miss this opportunity! Early booking advisable.

Thursday Evening 1st June – Open Lecture in Trinity College Dublin

Friday 2nd – a day with Ben Witherington at IBI, Ulysees House

Cost: €20.00

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Full programmes

Certificate in Applied Theology – beginning September 2017. You may also choose to do one or more modules/subjects from this programme.

Here is a list of course subjects for year 1

Introducing Biblical Theology
The Life and Teaching of Jesus
Overview of the Old Testament
Ministry & Personal Development
Interpreting and Applying the Bible 1

The Story of the Church
Introduction to Pastoral Caring
Communicating the Bible

BA (Hons) in Applied Theology – beginning September 2017. You may also choose to do one or more modules/subjects from this programme.

Here is a list of course subjects for Year 2 and 3

Ministry & Personal Development 2 & 3 (Y) (L)
Enabling Biblical Interpretation
Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
Poetry and Wisdom in the Old Testament
Dissertation (Y) (L) (level 3 only)

Issues in Contemporary Theology
Developing Pastoral Care
Youth Ministry: Theology and Strategy (Y)
Church and Ministry (L)

BA (Hon) in Applied Theology with Christian Leadership-beginning September 2017. You may also choose to do one or more modules/subjects from this programme.

MA in Applied Theology – beginning August 2017

MA in Transformational Leadership – beginning August 2017





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