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Join us for a teaching week on Church and Mission with David Smith.

This subject is part of the MA programme at IBI and you are invited to join us for this module.

It is taught over a week with lectures each day.

Date: Monday 21st – Friday 25th August

Times: 10am – 5:00pm daily

Cost: with assessment €550, without assessment €375

About the module

The contemporary mission of the church is a debated topic, particularly as the paradigm referred to as “Christendom” diminishes in Western Europe. This module offers you an opportunity to critically examine some of the current thinking about mission. Part of that analysis will be how the church of the 21st century might become a missional community able to demonstrate by word and deed the relevance of the Christian message in an increasingly globalized world. The focus for the module will be the church in Ireland, but it can also function as a paradigm if you are living and working in another context.

About the teacher

Dr David Smith

David is currently Honorary Lecturer in the School of Divinity, Philosophy and History at the University of Aberdeen. He brings with him a wealth of experience of ministry, teaching and mission in Europe and oversees. David has written numerous books on mission.

David’s main research interest is the future of mission in a religiously plural world, and his work in recent years has focused on the challenge presented by an urban world. He relaxes by gardening, listening to classical music and indulging a lifelong passion for Watford Football Club.

David says about his trips to Dublin and IBI;

“I have grown to love the city of Dublin, and have learned to understand and appreciate the distinctive history and culture of Ireland. I quickly realised that phrases such as ‘the mainland’ were loaded with a previously unrecognized significance in a context shaped by being on the receiving end of Britain’s imperial past. There can be few places in twenty first century Ireland where continuing and former Irish Catholics sit down in the same classroom with Protestants from Ulster, accepting one another without reservation in Christ, and listening sympathetically to the stories told by the ‘other’. Wrestling together with the new frontiers of mission in an increasingly secular culture is exhilarating at IBI. Why would I not want to come back for as long as I am welcome?”

Dr David Smith, Honorary Lecturer in the School of Divinity, History and Philosophy, University of Aberdeen.


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Full programmes

Certificate in Applied Theology – beginning September 2017. You may also choose to do one or more modules/subjects from this programme.

Here is a list of course subjects for year 1

Introducing Biblical Theology
The Life and Teaching of Jesus
Overview of the Old Testament
Ministry & Personal Development
Interpreting and Applying the Bible 1

The Story of the Church
Introduction to Pastoral Caring
Communicating the Bible

BA (Hons) in Applied Theology – beginning September 2017. You may also choose to do one or more modules/subjects from this programme.

Here is a list of course subjects for Year 2 and 3

Ministry & Personal Development 2 & 3 (Y) (L)
Enabling Biblical Interpretation
Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
Poetry and Wisdom in the Old Testament
Dissertation (Y) (L) (level 3 only)

Issues in Contemporary Theology
Developing Pastoral Care
Youth Ministry: Theology and Strategy (Y)
Church and Ministry (L)

BA (Hon) in Applied Theology with Christian Leadership-beginning September 2017. You may also choose to do one or more modules/subjects from this programme.

MA in Applied Theology – beginning August 2017

MA in Transformational Leadership – beginning August 2017





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